Prostate Stim

Prostate Stimulator
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Designed specifically to target the prostate gland, the PES Prostate Stimulator is an anal electrode designed with comfort and safety in mind.

It is constructed of two basic components: an electro conductive sphere (measuring about one inch in diameter) and the unique flexible T-base platform. Both features are essential to proper enjoyment of this Electrode.

The sphere allows for focused stimulation of the prostate while the T-base platform uses a specialized wire that is metal fatigue resistant yet flexible enough for direct focusing of the sphere. The T-base is also designed to enter the anal cavity and stop at the T-junction on the outside of the anus, thus ensuring proper penetration to stimulate the prostate while also creating a safety stop, so this Electrode cannot travel further up the rectal cavity and is easily removable.

If you are male and enjoy anal/prostate stimulation, the Prostate Stimulator is an essential part of any configuration in the quest for hands-free orgasm. We strongly encourage you to try the Prostate Stimulator in a 3-Electrode Configuration using the Tubular Base Ring (Item #143) and one of the Corona Stimulators (Item #121-123).

PES Low Profile Leads are sold separately from the Electrodes. Electrode will not work without a power source like an e-stim or TENS unit and at least one other Electrode.

Important Safety Notes:

Due to its design, the Prostate Stimulator should only be used with our low profile lead technology. Use with other leads may cause damage to the Electrode or it may not function properly.

These products are for adult novelty use only.

Safety, Lubrication, and Cleaning:

This Electrode can be cleansed in a 10% bleach 90% water solution with a few drops of dishwashing liquid or anti-bacterial soap. Make sure to rinse the Electrode thoroughly and allow it to dry completely before use. It can also be sprayed with Isopropyl Alcohol. Do not soak.

PES recommends the use of a lubricant with all PES Electrodes. Lubricant not only lubricates but also decreases the possibility of hot spots. We recommend PES ElectroLube (Item #75). You can also use Olive Oil. Water-based lubricants can be used in the event that you do not have either ElectroLube or Olive Oil. Make sure the lubricant you are using is a water-based lubricant with no silicone ingredients.

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